Stop Police Harassment

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Authorities is a vital and prominent part of the justice administration system that’s accountable for the security of people and property along with investigation of their crimes and helping place the perpetrators behind bars.

In our day to day life, if we’re observant enough we see that the police committing certain legit activities but on the other hand there are a couple of actions of the authorities that raise eyebrows and we’re left wondering if they’re acting within the ambit of legislation or not, however the majority of the times we never care to learn.

The legal activities that a police officer is designated with, is included under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and in which the officer goes past his/her power, keep reading to discover how you can combat this harassment.

The remedies available to a victim of harassment from the authorities are as follows –

An FIR could be filed by you against the officer in question in any Police Station;

Mostly the Police attempt to protect their own and refuse to enroll a complaint/FIR in that case you can send your written complaint to the District Superintendent of Police;

If the above 2 remedies fail, you can go to the Magistrate and receive your criticism registered who will then order the police to register the FIR;

In 2006, the Supreme Court directed to establish a PCA in State at the District level that would investigate into the complaints against police officers either ‘suo-motu’ or on receipt of a complaint filed by the victim or by a friend or relative on the victim’s behalf or any person who witnessed the alleged occurrence.

This setting from State and District PCA therefore are geared toward making the complaint mechanism readily accessible to all. A state PCA would entertain complaints against the officers of and above the article of the SP whereas District PCAs will entertain complaints against and under the post of the Deputy Superintendent of Police.

The criticism can be made in situations where as the effect of an act or omission by a police officer there’s a departure; or grievous harm; or rape while in police custody, as well as extortion; prohibited land/House possession by a police officer; and any occasion where there’s a severe misuse of authority by a police officer.

So as to submit a complaint you will need to get in contact with the PCA and Palm Bay Wildlife Control to ask them if they need the whine in any prescribed format, if not then you may file the complaint in any format mentioning your information such as your name, address, contact number, etc. as well as all of the material particulars of the incident in question such as the date of this incident, comprehensive account, police officer in question, whether there was any damage to property or person, etc., the criticism can be sent by registered post and may also be submitted personally at the PCA office.

Additional details like photographs of injuries may also be connected with the criticism and always be sure that you keep a copy of the complaint together with yourself.

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